Welcome to Total SDR Therapy

Total SDR Therapy is a team of specialist, chartered paediatric physiotherapists who provide a flexible, reliable, friendly, and fun therapy service! The team have many years of experience working with a number of SDR cases and with a wide range of children with Cerebral Palsy. It has been set up as a sister service of Total Childrens Therapy (TCT) www.totalchildrenstherapy.com

All the programmes are bespoke. The physio’s liaise with families and medical teams to provide an individualised service. They understand that good communication is key to building good relationships as they work with the often complex needs of the children undergoing SDR surgery and those who support them. Part of the service offered involves getting to know the whole family and including them in the rehabilitation journey.

The team specialise in concentrating on high quality movement patterns as the children work through their strength and conditioning programmes.

SDR surgery is a very big commitment for all those involved so all at Total SDR Therapy firmly believe that any sessions should be as enjoyable as possible. The team always aim to keep the child at the centre of all input but also to provide support to other family members during this intense time.

Total SDR Therapy offers both intensive blocks of therapy or regular sessions spaced accordingly to suit a family's needs. After school, early evening and weekend appointments are available both during term time and throughout the school holidays. School, nursery and home visits within the locality are also available. By special arrangement the physio's are also happy to accompany (if abroad) or visit (if in the UK) children to the hospital during their inpatient stay

The service is available for families locally or those out of area looking for intensive blocks of therapy (http://bournemouth.co.uk/where-to-stay/).