‘Jakob has been going to Physio and hydro at TCT since the age of 3 and since before we knew he could have the SDR. Ever since we found out about the SDR the TCT team have been wonderful, knowledgeable and very supportive.

Jakob thoroughly enjoys every Physio session and really looks forward to it. All the sessions are different and fun so to Jakob it becomes a game and play time.

It’s remarkable what Jakob has learned and archived since coming to TCT. His upper body strengths has improved so much that he is now able to crawl. The Physio has given him the confidence to move and try new things.  I would recommend anyone thinking of having the SDR to come to Wendy and the team.’


‘Getting to the stage where our child was being considered for SDR was terrifying although it was something both my husband and I were fighting for.  Initially being told by the NHS team at GOSH that they wanted to be sure Elliot was ‘rehabable’ made us doubt our own opinions but having accepted this as another hoop to jump through a friend sign posted us to TCT.  Wendy was the first person I had spoken to outside of Elliot’s NHS team who understood where we coming from immediately and reassured us that a period of ‘prehab’ was quite common and we came to recognise that an external opinion would help us to feel more confident to push for this huge surgery for our little boy as we would know more about his tolerance of the intensive therapy he would need to make the surgery effective.  In addition Wendy helped us to accept that ‘prehab’ would also put Elliot in a stronger position before surgery and would certainly not be harmful.

Our first meeting with Elliot’s therapist, Kat, was unlike any other experience of meeting a professional we had had.  She came to our home at a time convenient to us, talked to us about our expectations and concerns and then met with Elliot and talked to him about what he liked and didn’t like before she even laid a finger on him.  It was the type of initial session we always wished could happen to allay Elliot’s anxieties and it worked.  The next time Kat came which was for her first actual physio session she was already able to engage him as she had a good background understanding of his needs AND information about his personality.

We were lucky enough to be accepted for SDR surgery for Elliot which was carried out just over a year ago.  Wendy and Kat have made the whole journey so much simpler and more manageable for us as a family. Each session is tailored to Elliot’s current goals and Kat and Wendy manage to capture his imagination with such enthusiasm and creativity that most of the time he doesn’t even realise he is doing therapy.  They even managed to get him into a fabulous hydro pool and ENJOY it and this was a boy who was petrified of swimming pools!  Sometimes it feels like they have magical powers – and they know just when to use them!

Kat has been able to attend review appointments at GOSH with us and ‘translate’ the sometimes challenging discussions held there into words we can understand and take on board away from the high pressured environment of a hospital setting. I n addition she is able to attend sessions as school at our request to support Elliot’s changing physical needs as his rehab progresses in a way that is meaningful to the teachers there rather than the one off termly visits he had been having prior to TCT. Kat and wendy have also made practical suggestions and explored our ideas for equipment in such a way that we feel we have been able to purchase some sensible items that can be used inventively and will have lasting benefit for Elliot.

Kat genuinely treats Elliot and us as his family holistically.  She show real compassion for the journey we are on and encourages to do more when we can but never ever makes us feel guilty if we haven’t done a particular activity with Elliot. She really works in collaboration with us to match her input to what we are able to give, recognising how challenging SDR and intensive rehab is for all concerned and making the process simpler, more achievable and as positive and fun as it can be.’

Our sincere thanks to you both Wendy and Kat.


‘We are so delighted to have found TCT to work with our son who has CP. Both the therapists who work with him treat him completely holistically and by doing this we believe they get the best out of him every time they see him. In the time we have been working with TCT he has developed not only physically but his confidence has grown tremendously. He has gone from a little boy who hardly looked at strangers to being one who will interact with loads of people now; from a little boy who was terrified to get in the water to one who asked his Dad to take him out in the sea; from a little boy who suffered enormous anxiety about having any hospital procedures to one who is now excited about his upcoming SDR and the changes this may bring. The therapists at TCT have supported us all as a family to prepare for the SDR so we really feel that we now understand what we have signed up for and we would not want our post-operative rehab from anywhere else.’


‘Since our first appointment after Theo’s diagnosis TCT have provided an outstanding individual service to support not only Theo but the family as a whole.

TCT’s specialist knowledge of cerebral palsy and SDR was essential in the important assessment and pre SDR period. After the operation TCT’s in depth experience has ensured that therapy, whilst fun for Theo, is completely tailored to maximising the benefits of his new SDR body. Jane’s professionalism and dedication to making sure Theo reaches his full potential has been amazing.

As a parent, undertaking SDR for your child can be both exciting and scary, knowing that TCT is with us every step of the way makes things so much easier.

I cannot recommend them highly enough.’